The best flash modifier under £15

The best flash modifier just happens to be one of the most used, cheapest and smallest to take around.

The almighty Sto-Fen omni-bounce diffuser. I use this so much for my photos, especially at music events. You can pick up imitations of this little gadget for less money, I’ve used Chinese copies but they don’t seem to fit as well as this Sto-Fen, but diffuse as good as it’s essentially a translucent hat for your flashgun.

This little gem takes the harshness off bare flash, which 99% of the time doesn’t look good and people won’t thank you for firing it at them! This scatters the light around, which when coupled with a room, creates a nice glow for intimate lighting.

I use this setup nearly all the time when I know I’ll need flash on a run and gun shoot. Most of the time I’ll angle it at a 45 degree angle and go from there - every event, room, style of shooting is different so there aren’t settings that work every time. Have a play around and see what works for you!

The result is a combination of firing the flash at a ceiling and a mini softbox.

Sample images below.

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