London Sky Garden

Visited the Sky Garden in London on Friday 18th March, it was rather overcast to say the least. Always seems to be the case when I visit skyscrapers. Rather annoying after a beautiful week of sunshine and clear blue skies..

It’s a pretty good place, although not as large as photos may suggest. The plant section is nice but not quite as immersive and as much as an experience as one would seem. Saying that, it is FREE which is pretty jaw dropping for London, also the tea is somewhat reasonably price considering the prices at The Shard. 

Considering this I would recommend having a visit as it does give pretty great views and isn’t that high up (compared to the shard at least) Annoyingly though they have a large cross-section across the major viewing / seated section facing canary wharf which is positioned at near eye level for most people… slightly odd for a viewing platform to say the least.

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