My most used lens as a working photographer

Over the years I’ve built my kit up. Every lens purchase has been a very carefully thought out one, will it improve my ease of work? Give me something I don’t already have?

Without a doubt my two favourite lenses are the 50mm 1.8 and the 100mm L macro. Both are fantastic in their own right. The 50mm is so perfect in a cheap way, but does produce an astonishingly good image for the price. The macro on the other hand has opened up a whole world of shooting with extreme sharpness!

But what is my most used lens? According to Lightroom, my most used lens is my truly awesome 17-40mm L, where a large portion of my images are shot with it. Typically I shot it mostly at 17mm for the wide angle and then 40mm. That’s the case throughout my zoom lenses, I either shoot at the wide end on wider angles and then the telephoto side of the longer lenses (like the 70-200)

This is no real surprise to me as my shooting style is very much wide angles and close ups, hence the use of the 17-40 and the 70-200. I also mix in my 85mm for the subject isolation

When thinking about buying another lens, considering what you want to achieve in your shots. Also looking at what you’re already using and seeing what you want more of is a good step.

Remember: photographer > glass > camera body!

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