Saal Digital Wall Decor Review

A few weeks ago Saal Digital hooked me up with a £50 voucher to get a piece of wall decor. This was a very exciting opportunity as I have been looking to find somewhere to get prints done with various finishes for myself and also future customers.

First off I just want to say how unbelievably easy the ordering process was. It wasn’t over complicated with too many options (but with lots to still choose from) and you don’t HAVE to download any software for a single print. This was perfect for me as I prefer to just drag and drop over a file and get ordering.

The shipping and printing time blew my mind. I ordered it in the evening at just after 5pm and I had received a shipping confirmation 7am the next morning. Now THAT is fast. With no extra fast dispatch options or anything, just a top tier turnaround time! 

When it comes to print services, people often skip over the packaging it comes in. What’s the point in the best quality print if the packing doesn’t keep it safe?! Thankfully the packaging was great. Nothing too fancy but kept it safe. Lots of protective layers and wraps, including a final protective film over the print.

I’m no landscape photographer, but this image means a bunch to me. I wanted the colours to be vibrant and punchy, but critically and more importantly accurate! I can happily say all of which are there. The colours pop and are exactly how i visioned it to be from the screen to the final product. I chose the acrylic wall decor (5mm thickness) It’s also very detailed, it really does show how sharp your lens is for sure. 

I love the high contrast and glossy finish. For contrasty scenes this works perfectly. The photos illustrate the reflections you get from this, but it’s not a bad thing, you just have to be careful with your placement. Some reflective highlights can be a nice aesthetic, it’s all personal preference.

To summerise, I’m really happy with the service I got from Saal Digital. The sheer speed of the turnaround is a point I want to emphasise. Unless you pay a premium, most places and labs have a multiple day print to dispatch time. The quality matches their service and I would be more than happy to recommend their services to other photographers, you really do get what you pay for.

For more info, visit their site over at and have a browse at all their products. 

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