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  1. The Hardest Photography?!

    2018-02-26 13:54:41 UTC

    So what is it?! 1:1 macro of jumping spiders? Controlling crowds at weddings? Astro?! Portraits Nope! They all have their own difficulties and challenges to overcome, but sports photography takes the cake when it comes to difficulty. Learning to track birds in flight with a long telephoto lens is one…

  2. DJEZ O2 Academy Brixton / 09.04.16

    2016-04-10 18:50:00 UTC

    DJ EZs sold out O2 Academy Brixton show - Saturday 9th April 2016 All images copyright Ben Brotherton, do not use without written permission. All Rights Reserved. If you wish to use any of the images, please contact me first for licensing.

  3. Studio shots on a budget!

    2014-10-05 01:01:22 UTC

    **DISCLAIMER** I’m a huge fan of doing things DIY and on the cheap and love getting good results from something I’ve made and feeling like I’ve created something and not bought an add-on or modifier to make life easier. I’m also a huge believer and avid preacher of it’s not…

  4. Canon 85mm f/1.8 USM Review w/ Sample Images

    2014-10-02 22:22:07 UTC

    Over the years Canon has produced some pretty fantastic prime lenses, no one can deny that. From the very affordable 50mm f/1.8 II to the much less affordable 85mm f/1.2 L, granted that is a fantastic piece of glass. I’m going to be looking at the much more affordable 85mm…

  5. My light capturing device is away

    2014-09-28 01:13:30 UTC

    So maybe two weeks ago, or so, I had to take my trusty camera back to my retailer to send off to Canon due to getting the infamous Err-01 message. This happened on two shoots, one being a wedding, so instead of putting up with the hugely unpredictable & annoying…

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