My light capturing device is away

So maybe two weeks ago, or so, I had to take my trusty camera back to my retailer to send off to Canon due to getting the infamous Err-01 message. This happened on two shoots, one being a wedding, so instead of putting up with the hugely unpredictable & annoying error, I sent it back.

(for those of you who are less camera inclined, Err-01 means there is a problem between the camera and the lens = not being able to take a photo unless you change lenses and or camera)

Soooo, the past couple of weeks I’ve felt a bit down not having my main camera. I went back to using my first dslr which I thought would be filled with nostalgia and memories, but more annoyance at equipment limitations. Not that it’s a bad camera, but my needs have surpassed what the little thing can deliver.

Anyways, less rambling, here is a self portrait I took with a hugely ghetto ring flash I made. I’ve always wanted one to play with and shoot portraits with them BUT THEY ARE SO DAMN EXPENSIVE. Ring lights are a big interest due to the fact I also shoot video. Soooo, here’s to a new blog! Wewp.

Much love.

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