The joys of LEGO

I can’t even imagine how many times as a kid I stood on Lego and cried, so why on earth did many years later think it was a good idea to get back into it…?!

… well truth be told it was totally worth it. The joy of buying a fresh new set and building it is way too good. Seriously try it. Even if you’re the coolest kid on the block you’ll love building a new lego set once again, or that slightly bent chewed up set you had as a kid!

Over the last few months I’ve acquired approaching (and rapidly
growing) 40,000 pieces. It all started when  my Mum gifted me the
awesome VW camper van set at Christmas 2014. I had actually put off
buying Lego sets again as I knew it would be a downward spiral of being
broke… and well at least I can roll the blame off on my Mum!

have found a new love of instead of using a macro lens to typically
photograph bugs, flowers and wedding dress. I chose to make little fun
scenes almost daily to bring a little bit of joy to everyone’s life and have created what I dubbed Tranquillity Lane. A little village where mischief goes down and fun doings!

You can check out the more at and keep up to date and behind the scenes on all the work over at my Facebook page

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