Window to the World

September 29th, 21 years ago I was born.

Pretty amazing huh? well not as amazing as the day I had today. It was so amazing to spend the day with my Mum and had an awesome surprise of going up The Shard in London with her. I have a big interest in skyscrapers and have wanted to go with her since it was built - so today really was something special.

After climbing up and up in the first very fast lift, you are greeted to glass panels. Although you cannot quite see what is outside due to a wrap of text and graphics about the monster of a building. With information about weather that can be experienced at the altitude along with other information, slight peeks of cityscape can been seen through translucent letters. After ascending another 35 or so stories, we reached the viewing platform.

Many hundreds of feet up away from the bustling streets of central London, there was a sense of peace. Standing in a room with a 360 degree view of the entire city and surroundings, it was like being a giant standing over a child’s play set. Trains looked like toys, people just specks on the ground, huge landmarks seem to now be miniature. Everything appeared to moving in slow motion (mainly because we were further away but I don’t want to get into the physics of it..)

It was so peaceful.

Whilst up there, you have time to think and observe everything. See “the bigger picture.”

I wanted to capture others looking through the window to the world and seeing how different people reacted different. Some very calm, some in amazement, some in sheer satisfaction and freedom. For me it was a bubble high in the sky to escape from every day madness and take a step back and just observe.

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